Maine has abundant landscapes that catch out aesthetic senses. I look for the colors and patterns that make these places special, and often joyful. And I bring them into a composition for us all to share.


Design and color have also been a part of my working career in the architectural offices of Portland for 25 years.


Over the years my work has included both studio projects and public art commissions, directing exhibitions and facilitating community design-build projects.

Current paintings explore landscapes, simplifying and decoding the complexity of what we see. After stripping down the view of a dense woodland into patterns of light and shadow, I add color and texture back in to create a reality more imagined than true.


My work focuses on natural and made objects that fit their space gracefully.  I paint what is immediately around me and most recent works are of subject matter near my Cushing home.  I am drawn to the unique scenes of coastal Maine, transitions of light and shadow and negative space.  While watercolors have been my primary medium, I have recently begun working in oil and other mediums. 

Painting has been a creative respite through decades of raising children, practicing law and providing elder care.  It has tapped my underutilized right brain and given me quiet satisfaction.  Recently retired with children grown and gone and elder care no longer needed, I am focusing more on my art.  I have been painting, off and on, for 40 years.  While primarily self-taught, I have studied extensively with several well-known artists and have taken workshops in Ireland, France, the Bahamas, Monhegan and Massachusetts.

Contact:, cell: 978-886-1725


I paint to experience nature in full. My love of Monhegan Island is a big part of my painting as the sea and sky are all around me. So, I paint mostly plein air hoping to capture the color and light of the moment. I also like the human elements of architecture and activity and their interplay with nature. I am most happy sitting on a rock with my palette and brushes.

While I’ve had no formal training, I have had the opportunity to study with a number of admired artists: Janet Manyan, Rob Sullivan, and Diane Dalke at MECA, Caleb Stone, Stan Moeller, Frank Bruckman, and Carol Raybin on Monhegan Island, Carolyn Walton in Freeport, Philip Frey in Winter Harbor, Evelyn Dunphy and Doug Mays in watercolor and most recently Liz Prescott in Freeport.



I live in South Freeport and the beauty of the natural world provides endless inspiration for my work. I paint with acrylics and create a piece using a combination of sketches from the field, photographs, and memory.


Caroline Chinnock Payne is a local Maine artist who is currently working out of her studio in Yarmouth. She is a member of Freeport Visual Arts Collective and Meetinghouse Arts of Freeport and has successfully shown her work throughout Maine. She is an accomplished oil and acrylic painter and is presently enjoying her exploration of alcohol inks and mixed media as she continues on in her journey of abstract painting.


I have always loved the process of creating things. I grew up in Maine, left briefly to earn a degree in fine art from Smith College, and returned to work and study metal smithing at Portland School of Art (now MECA).
I have spent time working in all areas of design, including graphic art, illustration, jewelry making, interior design and textile design.
I enjoy working in a variety of mediums and in both three-dimensional and two-dimensional realms. My sculptural work combines wire and found objects from nature and from the material world. I explore collage and bookmaking. Gouache and oil are my preferred materials for painting a variety of subjects, from landscapes to interior scenes. Recently, I have started experimenting with acrylic
The light and natural beauty of Maine have always been a source of energy and inspiration. I also find joy and intrigue in the ordinary. Seeing amazing beauty in the most humble of things inspires me to record their existence.


Cheryl is a Maine native living in Brunswick; a mother and grandmother. She began painting after retirement in 2013 and has painted ever since. She is inspired by Maine’s ocean, woods, skies, animals, birds and many other beautiful sights. Her interest in art began in childhood when she often drew animals and birds. She is passionate about color; which interests her most about the subjects she paints. Her other passion is painting birds. Cheryl drew all of the birds in her grandmother’s guidebook as a child. She enjoys conveying their quirky personalities! She tries to paint every day, finding the painting process to be exciting, calming and centering. Becoming part of the Maine art community has significantly enriched her life. She continues to access opportunities to grow as an artist and is grateful for every chance to display her work. She is especially thrilled when one of her paintings finds a home.




Originally from Michigan, Amy grew up in New York and lived in California before moving to Maine in 2002. Art has been a constant in her life. She attributes this to her Mother, who was a talented painter and sculptor. Other passions include the environment and spending time in Europe with family. In 2015 she left her role as a family physician and rented a studio at Running with Scissors in Portland. She has been pursuing art full time ever since.
Amy works primarily in oil, acrylic and gouache. She has a strong drawing practice and works regularly from the figure.  One focus of her art is exploring human’s relationship with nature and how this can be healing to both the individual and to the earth. She tends toward plein air painting in the summer months, enjoying the sheer physicality of the work as well as the sensory stimulation of the elements.  During the winter she is drawn to portrait painting and conceptual works.

Instagram: amy_kustra


I started painting 22 years ago. What started out as a hobby turned into an enjoyable passion. I moved to Maine in the 1970’s from the Philadelphia area to the great expanse of Aroostook County. The never-ending horizon and vast expanse and seasonal beauty of the County, Canada, and New England are not only great for sailing, hiking, and skiing, but also wonderful subjects for a painter.

I am now a retired Nurse Practitioner and currently living in Freeport. I never cease to be inspired by the seascapes and surrounding islands and shores.
Currently, I am working in oils in my Freeport studio and en plein air. Mobile: 207-504-6468


I have pursued my fascination with making art for the past 30 years. My interest in the arts was fostered by my grandmothers who were each accomplished painters. As well as by my mother who did fine painted crafts. I have experimented with a variety of media over that time.


I recreate the places I live and play in my paintings using a palette inspired by the colors that surround me. I am constantly fascinated by what nature presents to me every day. A painting is complete when I am drawn into that piece and have a different experience or response at each point of viewing.



I am a retired teacher-turned-painting-enthusiast. I like the beauty and variety that our Maine landscape and seascapes bring. I often try to depict the interaction between color and dramatic lighting when capturing a moment in time. I want to keep learning and refining my style.


Lisa Blanchard owner and artist has been creating all of her life. Growing up on the coast of Maine gave me a love for the world around me. The middle child of a creative family. We grew up making gifts to give and quickly learned that handmade gifts received were the best and treasures from the heart. My parents took great joy in things that were both practical and beautiful and have passed that delight to me.

I took my first glass class in 1984, and have never looked back, and continue to add bigger kilns, torches, and experiences. In addition to glass, I love to paint and sketch, especially when traveling. There is so much to learn! And create! I enjoy combining my love of art, creating, teaching, and curiosity into fun classes, workshops, and adventures.

Whoever said, ‘Wherever you go, there you are!’ was surely referring to me. I find inspiration in the places and people around me, wherever I am.
When not in the studio, I can be found gardening, boating, skiing, bicycling, playing tennis, traveling, and visiting with family and friends.


Catherine Bickford founder of Artascope in Yarmouth, is a painter and teacher. Catherine asserts that teaching, practicing art and collecting can be healing. "I imagine my paintings as moments when the universe is winking through me. I am drawn to abstraction, keeping the paint alive and spontaneous so that the painting process remains visible. I embrace the juxtaposition between rendering form and building composition with playful color and strong brushwork." Catherine embodies Artascope’s mission in her own life, using creativity to buoy her spirit and bring her closer to others. "My closest friends are artists and I love having their artwork in my life."


I live and paint in the beautiful state of Maine and I am very excited to be part of this new and exciting Arts and Cultural Alliance of Freeport.  I paint with acrylics.

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Mostly self-taught, Shelley Breton began painting in oils about 12 years ago.  Although her education and career are science-based, she has always had a love of the arts.  “I just never thought I’d pick up a paintbrush, but you never know. You really do start seeing things differently when you begin to paint.”

Shelley is inspired by the effects of early and late-day light on the local landscape and seascape, as well as florals and figurative work.  “There is amazing beauty, complexity and intelligent design all around us.  Whether you’re marveling at the exquisite sophistication of the immune system, or awestruck at the wash of color in a beautiful sunset…you never lack for inspiration in this beautiful state.”

Shelley is an Associate Member of the Oil Painters of America and has received several awards and recognitions for her work.


I am an Artist and Interior Designer who likes to paint and draw. I studied art and design at the University of Mississippi, Oxford. I have attended painting classes at Beech Hill Studio since 2010 and participated in Summer workshops on Monhegan Island. My studio is in Freeport where I live with my husband, son, and two cats. Please visit my website to learn more and view some of my work.


Janice Simari Siegle has taken drawing and painting classes at Maine College of Art and the University of Southern Maine. In 2019, studied painting technique in Italy. She is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire ( BSOT) and received a Masters Degree from Boston University ( M.Ed). Currently, Janice is the part-time gallery manager of Meetinghouse Arts. Siegle is an oil painter who enjoys capturing the light and shadow in seascapes, cityscapes, and figure painting. Her work has been exhibited at the Roux and Cyr Gallery. She is a member of the Union of Visual Artists, Portland, Maine.


Janice L. Moore spent her early years in northern Maine in the last days of the school calendar revolving around the potato harvest. She moved to coastal Maine with her family as a teenager. After graduating from Sarah Lawrence College she worked in both the art and fashion industries in New York City for almost a decade.  She returned to Maine for family, to finally see a full horizon line on Casco Bay, and to paint full time. She works from her studio in Freeport, Maine


With abating tactile sensation, Moore’s art-making is often a clumsy and inelegant process. Brushes drop. Things fall down and tip over. At the center of this calamity, she practices a slow ritual of making marks and erasing marks layer by layer over time. The point is always simply to do the work and for that work to be as specific and honest as possible. Moore says of her practice, “It’s never been a choice or a decision really; just something I’ve always done and needed to do.”


Maine has been my adopted home for over thirty years and I have found wonderful teachers here who have nurtured and encouraged my interests and talents. The abundance of galleries and museums offer endless opportunities to see how others express themselves visually. I am at a point in my life when I can learn and observe and produce my own expressions of the world around me. You’ll probably notice my city roots poking through in many of my paintings - I need to have a building in there to keep me anchored. I hope you enjoy where this journey is taking me.


Liz works with slow-drying acrylics on birch panel, using a technique that allows for many layers of paint to mix, adding texture and often unexpected color interaction. Her subject is the Maine coast and working waterfront where sometimes the most exciting moments of color and light happen under the docks and in the spaces between the buoys hanging on the walls of old sheds. 

Liz is a graduate of Maine College of Art (BFA 2000) and Vermont College of Fine Arts (MFA 2003 Visual Arts). Her work is included in the permanent collections at the Portland Museum of Art, Colby College, Bowdoin College, New York Public Library, and the University of New England.  She is a member of the Union of Maine Visual Artists (Portland Chapter) and shows at Art Space in Rockland, ME. She teaches painting at her studio and enjoys views across her neighbor’s farm fields every day.


To contact Liz or see more of her work please visit or


I live and paint in the beautiful state of Maine and I am very excited to be part of this new and exciting Arts and Cultural Alliance of Freeport.  I paint with acrylics.

Feel free to contact me @Instagram:


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