Meetinghouse Arts is a project of the Arts & Cultural Alliance of Freeport. The newly renovated venue includes a 200-seat performance hall, a gallery, and a meeting space. Here, the community can create, collaborate, learn, present, and enjoy an array of arts and cultural work. Within the facility, ACAF will curate local and traveling programming, host classes and workshops for all ages, and provide affordable rental options.


The mission of Arts & Cultural Alliance of Freeport (ACAF) is to cultivate Greater Freeport as a vibrant center for arts and culture by fostering creative collaboration, expanding access to arts and cultural assets, and amplifying the arts and culture as powerful tools to create, strengthen, and connect community. We support individuals and organizations in the arts and culture sector with an organized creative network, professional development opportunities, promotion, and a physical space – Meetinghouse Arts – for our community to gather, enjoy the arts, and pursue artistic growth.

For more about Arts & Cultural Alliance of Freeport and our programs and projects, as well as our community calendar of arts and cultural events, please visit www.FreeportArtsAndCulture.org.

“Cultural differences should not separate us from each other, but rather cultural diversity brings a collective strength that can benefit all of humanity.” – Robert Alan